About Me !

chocolate ganaché wedding cake with edible gold leaf

My name's Cathy and I have been baking for my family for the past forty years. Always looking for new and inspirational bakes and ideas, but it wasn’t until I was made redundant in 2008 that my baking took me on a whole new and exciting journey.


It was then that my youngest son suggested I took up baking and cake decorating for the “public”. I really didn’t think anyone would want to pay good money for my meager efforts. However, I decide to have a go by making a cake for a friend of his and slowly but surely the word began to spread, mainly through recommendations and social medial.


At first, my cakes were for special celebrations such as birthdays, christenings etc but after about a year, I took the plunge into wedding cakes !! Eek!   Such a giant step for “little old me”…………however, I am loving every minute and have never looked back.


 "Good cake isn’t cheap…….cheap cake isn’t good”