Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing The Stables Pantry  for your special cake.

Please take the time to read through my terms and conditions for your own information and protection.



When ordering, I will pencil in your order date whilst we negotiate terms/ideas

etc. This date will be “yours” for 5 working days, unless another time frame is agreed (at my own discretion) If I do not receive written confirmation within those five days, I shall assume you have decided to take your order elsewhere.


Once the design has been agreed, changes may be made up until 10days prior to collection. After this, charges may be incurred. I will contact you before the 10 day period to make sure no changes are required.


Please make any allergies/food sensitivities known at the time of booking and I will try to accommodate your requests.  I will take all the necessary steps to prevent allergy triggers, however, please be aware that I am a home-run business and that my cakes are created in a domestic kitchen where nuts are used and I am therefore unable to guarantee an allergy free environment.


Payment Terms

On agreement/confirmation of order a £20 non-refundable deposit is payable.  Except in the case of wedding cakes where a £50 non-refundable deposit is payable.

Again, this deposit is required with 5 working days (unless otherwise agreed at my own discretion). If no deposit is received in this time frame, I will open up the slot for other customers.

The outstanding amount will be payable upon collection, except in the case of wedding cakes, whereby the outstanding balance will be required 28 days before the ceremony date.

Payments are currently accepted by cheque, cash, bank transfer or Paypal.  Please let me know which method of payment you prefer and I will send you the relevant details.


Delivery/Collection/ Transportation/Storage

All orders are to be collected by the customer, unless otherwise specified (at my discretion). Wedding cakes will always be delivered free of charge to the venue within a 10 mile radius of my home.  Venues outside this limit will incur a small delivery charge.

Upon collection, I will ask you to check your cake to make sure it is in perfect condition and then place it in a box for you. Please note that due to the variety / designs of my cakes, it is impossible to always find a box with an exact fit !  

Transportation by you should then be on a flat, level surface such as the passenger seat footwell or boot of a car.

Care must be taken during transportation as cakes are fragile and will not stand any violent jolting, bumping or sliding.

Ask for advice when taking delivery if you are unsure, and I always recommend bringing someone with you, if possible.


I cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred once the cake has left my home !


If you need to store the cake at any time, please DO NOT do so in a fridge. Most cakes are covered in fondant icing and this will make it sweat and colours run. Store in a cool, dark place if necessary.



If you wish to cancel an order, please give as much notice as possible. This must be received in writing and the deposit will be non-refundable. If cancellation is received less than 5 working days before the order is due for collection, then the full cost will become due.

If you wish to change the date of your order more than 14days before the agreed date of collection, the booking may be transferred at no extra cost if the new date is available.

If, in the unlikely event, I have to cancel your order then all monies already received will be refunded and a new date offered.


Thank you for your time in reading these terms and conditions. I hope you appreciate that they are as much for your protection as for my own.


Looking forward to making your special cakes !


Privacy Policy

In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulations I would like to assure my customers that I do not run any marketing campaigns or any subscription newsletters and will never pass on your details to any other organisations without your prior consent, which will be asked for at the time of booking. This would only include the likes of florists, venues, photographers etc, when ordering wedding cakes.

All information received, such as your names, email contact, phone numbers are stored only on my private laptop computer( which is password protected) and desk diary (which is kept in locked desk drawer). Any other paper records used for wedding cake bookings are also kept in locked filing cabinet.

When payment is made to me using Paypal or bank transfer, the only information I receive is your name and email address/payment reference.  I am not provided with any of your account details. I will only request bank payment details from you if a refund of your deposit is required, after which these will be destroyed.

You have the right to ask at anytime about your data and how it is used. You may also ask me to delete all contact information from my records if you so wish. Please email me if you have any concerns.

When you place an order with The Stables Pantry, you are voluntarily providing personal data & agreeing to my privacy policy - allowing me to keep your data in the forms as explained above & also allowing me to share images of your cake on social media (however, all personal information will be kept to a minimum to safeguard your identities )

I have always taken hygiene and cleanliness very seriously but since the Covid 19 Pandemic my standards are even higher.  All surfaces are washed down before, during and after my baking and preparation. Gloves and masks are worn whilst preparing and handling your special cake.